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Every student can shine.
Beginning with their current level of understanding, my goal is to have each and every student feel valued. May they grow to wonder, make sense of their world, live a life of abundance and be eager to see the world through an “extended lens.”
Let’s have this generation of students make a difference beyond their years in school. The longer we all strive to change the world, the greater the impact of living with intention. Adding value to others brings like-minded people into my shared vision, and their stories add value to my goals.
As a nation, it is paramount to have a country of scholars ready for the workplace. Relationships, Respect, Rapport, Relevance and Rigor are the new key contemporary factors influencing student achievement today.
Critical thinkers see education reform as a way to develop innovations. My goal is to help each and every student become a scholar and achieve their personal best; one student at a time.
Let’s work together to close the achievement gap!
Linking Growth with Mary Iovine